Hi-Res super+Agarose


Hi-Res super+Agarose



Hi-res super+ Electrophoresis Agarose (MS4)

A molecular screening agarose for improved resolution of DNA fragments with 500 bp or less, especially sized–primer fragments. MS-4 is a type of agarose unique to us. At 3 % concentration, MS-4 Agarose gives a resolution of DNA fragments similar to gels made with polyacrylamide at concentrations of 8 %. While MS-4 may be dissolved carefully by microwaving, gels are best prepared by autoclaving.


  • Excellent resolution of DNA fragments lower than 500 bp, especially smaller sized–primer fragments.
  • Forms a very clear, transparent gel, even at concentrations of 5% or higher.
  • Efficient mechanical handling at all concentrations. The chances of gel breaking or
  • cracking when handled are greatly minimized.

Functional Tests

  • DNA resolution: bands appear sharp and finely resolved.
  • DNAse/RNAse activity: none detected.
  • Gel background: very low after Et.Br. staining.
  • DNA binding: very low.
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