Hi-Res Super Agarose


Hi-Res Super Agarose

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Hi-Res Super Electrophoresis Agarose (AG-MS8)

An agarose for molecular screening that improves the resolution of small DNA fragments and PCR products.


  • High resolution of short PCR and DNA fragments.
  • Improved clarity of the gel, enhancing visibility.
  • Better handling than competitive products because of a stronger gel structure and higher gel strength.
  • The chances of gels breaking or cracking when handled are greatly minimized, even with lower concentrations of agarose.
  • High gel strength allows use in blotting.

Functional Tests

  • DNA resolution: bands appear sharp and finely resolved.
  • DNAse/RNAse activity: none detected.
  • Gel background: very low after Et.Br. staining.
  • DNA binding: very low

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