Hi-Res Standard Agarose


Hi-Res Standard Agarose

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Hi-Res Standard Agarose for electrophoresis

  • Easy dissolution of agarose and rapid gelling
  • Excellent transparency
  • low background staining
  • clear band visibility
  • Sharp and well-defined bands
  • Very low DNA binding



Our new and improved routine agarose, Hi-Res Standard Agarose.Suitable for use in all routine molecular biology applications and techniques.



  • Extraordinary mechanical resistance for more reliable and easier handling.
  • The possibility of varying pore size in accordance with particle size by modifying the gel concentration.
  • Easy preparation of the gel by simple dilution in aqueous buffers either by standard boiling or microwaving.
  • Greater thermal stability due to high hysteresis ( a difference between gelling and melting temperatures).
  • Excellent transparency of the gel & visibility.
  • Exceptionally low absorption of staining agents.
  • The absence of toxicity (the alternative is polyacrylamide which can be toxic).

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