Hi-Gel Strength Agarose


Hi-Gel Strength Agarose

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Hi Gel Strength Electrophoresis Agarose  (AG-MS12)


This molecular screening electrophoresis agarose is designed to have a larger gel network than our Hi-RES Super electrophoresis agarose (AG-MS8) and is recommended for the separation of DNA fragments smaller than 1500 bp. Gels made with AG-MS12 have higher gel strength than competitive products. The gels ARE exceptionally firm but still flexible when handled, minimizing the danger of cracking or breaking. ag-MS-12 has the same melting and gelling temperature as regular agaroses, allowing faster and easier preparation of gels. AG-MS-12 also gives excellent resolution at concentrations of  ≤1 %. This agarose is recommended for all analytical applications, especially when DNA is recovered for subsequent use in enzymatic procedures.

Functional Tests


  • DNA resolution: bands appear sharp and finely resolved.
  • DNAse/RNAse activity: none detected.
  • Gel background: very low after Et.Br. staining.
  • Blotting: very good transference for DNA fragments 154 – 2176 bp in 4 % gels.
  • DNA binding: very low

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