Agar Test pH 8.2


Agar Test pH 8.2

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Agar Test  pH 8.0  Cat Nº: AG-2024   

Standard Dehydrated Culture Media  medium for the detection of antimicrobial inhibitors in meat and organ samples with Bacillus subtilis and Micrococcus luteus spores as test organisms

Formula in g/l

Sodium Chloride


Trisodium Phosphate 12-hydrate


Casein Peptone


Bacteriological Agar


Meat Peptone


Final pH 8.0 ± 0.2 at 25ºC


Suspend 27.5 grams of the medium in one liter of distilled water. Mix well and dissolve by heating with frequent agitation. Boil for one minute until complete dissolution. Sterilize in autoclave at 121ºC for 15 minutes. Cool to 45-50ºC and aseptically add a spore suspension of Bacillus  subtilis (BGA) containing approximately 1×107 CFU/ml (final concentration in mediim 1×104 cfu/ml). If desired, add a suspension of Micrococcus luteus ATCC 9341 suspension. Pour into plates.

The prepared medium should be used immediately. The color is amber.



AGAR TEST pH 8.0 in combination with Agar test pH 6.0 and 7.2 is used for the detection of antimicrobial inhibitors in meat and organ samples.


Prepare meat samples by cutting 2mm thick slices of tissue 8 mm in diameter. A total of 6 discs are required for the complete 3-plate test (Test Agar pH 6.0 Cat.Nº 2022 , pH 7.2 Cat. Nº 2023 and pH 8.0 Cat.). Using sterile forceps, place two of the discs in diametrically opposite positions on each test plate. Aseptically place appropriate control disc on each of the three plates.


Antimicrobial inhibitors contained in the samples diffuse into the nutrient media and cause growth-free inhibition zones to develop on the otherwise thickly covered plates. Repeated tests with pH 6.0, pH 8.0 and pH 7.2 are necessary, as penicillin and streptomycin are optimally active at pH 6.0 and 8.0 respectively and the activity optimum of sulfonamide is found at pH 7.2. Addition of trimethoprim to Test Agar pH 7.2 considerably increases the sensitivity of the test system to sulfonamides.


Incubate the plates at 30ºC during 18-24 hours.

Microbiological Test

The following results were obtained in the performance of the medium from type cultures after incubation at a temperature of 30 and observed after 18 – 24 hours


Gentamycin 10 µg   

Gentamycin 30µg

Penicillin 10 IU

Sptreptomycin 10 µg

Bacillus subtilis (BGA) (DSZM 618)





Micrococcus luteus ATCC 9341






Arbeitsgruppe des Instituts für Lebensmitteltechnologie und Verpackung der Technischen Universität München: Merkblätter für die Prüfung von Pack-mitteln, Merkblatt 18 "Prüfung auf antimikrobielle Bestandteile in Pack-stoffen". – Verpackgs.-Rdsch., 25; Techn.-wiss. Beilagen; 5-8 (1974).


Once opened keep powdered medium closed to avoid hydration.


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