Peptones Agars and Ingredients

Peptone Agar and Ingredients

Peptone, Agar and Ingredients manufactured by Conda laboratories. Produced in state of the art production facilities they offer a wide range of products made to very high standards. Our peptones come with an EDQM Suitability certificate issued for Beef Extract & Meat Peptone (bovine origin) according to monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia and are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards. We can also supply Certified Free of GMO peptones and Certified animal free peptones.

We also have a complete range of different agars that cover all food applications:  Gold Agar, with low gelling temperature, is suitable for confectionery, glazing, dairy and meat products.  Agarite has an excellent compatibility with high sugar products and a higher gel point, ideal for products that require more rapid gelling.  Grand Agar possesses unique properties such as high transparency, high gel strength and a better solubility at lower temperatures.  The variety of food agar-agar that we offer permits its use for any formulation.

EDQM, Certificate of suitability No. R1-CEP 2001-291-Rev-01