Molecular screen Agarose

Agaroses for Molecular Screening Electrophoresis
Our Molecular Screening agaroses for Electrophoresis, improve resolution of small DNA fragments and PCR products. The key factor contributing to the creation of the family of MS (Molecular Screen) agaroses has been the harvesting of the appropriate seaweed at a specific time in its cycle of maturity. There are also certain modifications in the chemical structure of the polymer during the manufacturing process, produced for applications that require efficient separation of small DNA fragments and PCR products. See below for details of our products:
Product Recommendation
Hi Strength Analytical (AGMS12):DNA fragments smaller than 1500 bp
Hi-Res Super (AGMS8):Molecular screening of small DNA fragments and PCR products
Hi-res super+ (MS4): Molecular screening of DNA fragments with 500 bp or less

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