Cambridge Reagents Ltd are leading suppliers of Peptide Synthesis Reagents and Solvents (including premixed Piperidine formulations (with DMF and NMP) manufactured exclusively in the UK, Dehydrated Microbiological Growth Media, Histolgy reagents including pre-filled specimen pots and xylene alternative clearing solvents, Peptones (including GMO and animal free), Supplements and Antibiotic discs. Our Microbiology range of products is supplied by Laboratories Conda from Spain, an internationally recognised manufacturer of Microbiology Media and Reagents with over 50 years experience in this market and Transbionova provides us with a very high-quality range of diverse products for molecular biology.


New: free samples!

Samples now available of Transbionovo range of tools for molecular biology. For a full list visit Click here:

Plasmid-based DNA markers, high-efficiency chemically competent cells, 5 minutes PCR cloning and expression vectors, PCR enzymes and supermix, mutagenesis kits, protein purification resins, cell culture and transfection reagents and much more.

NEW GMO animal free Peptones.

We have a comprehensive range of Peptones, extracts, infusions and other raw materials for use in culture media formulations. Our Peptones are hydrolysed proteins derived from casein, meat and plants. These products are ideal for use in production media for fermentation, tissue culture media and vaccine stabilisers. Other non-media applications include cosmetics, in electroplating and in special dietary products. All of our products including our range of Non-GMO and Non-Animal Soy Peptone (proven to assist in the growth of fastidious organisms) have full traceability and compliance documentation. Available in Kilo to multi-tonne sizes from the same batch (our maximum batch size is 11 tonnes) For more information Click Here 


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