Life Science laboratory reagents from Cambridge Reagents.

Brand new from Cambridge Reagents. Tissue Culture Reagents

Reagents, growth media and chemicals, sourced from the best laboratories and manufacturers across the globe. Starting with BriClone from The NICB (National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology). A leading research institute located on the DCU campus in Dublin. Specialising in innovative cell culture techniques for Biotech and Pharma companies.

Solvents for Peptide Synthesis

Everything you need for peptide synthesis. All of our reagents are purified to the highest standards necessary to ensure superb yields from synthesis. Water content is minimised in our solvents and all containers are purged with nitrogen and sealed to ensure the longest possible shelf life.

Why not enjoy the enhanced safety and convenience of using our pre-mixed DMF -piperidine and NMP- Piperidine formulations. Made to order for extended shelf life and freshness.

Histology Reagents

Reagents for Histology including Fixation and Tissue processing.

Our range of Reagents provides choice in relation to the hazards associated with the use of Xylene and formaldehyde in the laboratory and includes pre-filled specimen pots and alternative clearing agents. All of our products are sourced and formulated in the UK for competitive pricing without compromise on quality.

Microbiological Growth Media

Laboratorios CONDA is a manufacturer of growth media for microbial culture in industrial, medical and molecular biology. They are one of the world leaders in producing high-quality culture media. Currently, they offer more than 400 different products. Among this extensive range you will find chromogenic media, ISO formulated media and custom-made media for many different industrial applications.

From hygiene control, through food and beverage poisoning prevention, to microbiological examination of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, Medical microbiology and biochemistry. CONDA supplies a wide variety of different media for each field so that customers can find the most suitable product for their needs.

CONDA Growth Media complies with the ISO 9001 standard, and with various international standards such as ISO, the European Pharmacopoeia, FDA, APHA, USP and AOAC. Strict quality control procedures are adopted prior to, during and after the manufacturing process to ensure quality products and batch-to-batch consistency. We also exert tight control over the selection and treatment of all raw materials and components (peptones, carbohydrates, minerals, chemicals, agar and other additives) used in the manufacturing process. Physical-chemical characteristics are tested, and media also undergo additional microbiological tests that guarantee growth, differentiation, biochemical performance, recovery of small inocula, selectivity, etc.

A quality certificate is supplied with each product.

NEW GMO animal free Peptones.

We have a comprehensive range of Peptones, extracts, infusions and other raw materials for use in culture media formulations. Our Peptones are hydrolysed proteins derived from casein, meat and plants. These products are ideal for use in production media for fermentation, tissue culture media and vaccine stabilisers. Other non-media applications include cosmetics, in electroplating and in special dietary products. All of our products including our range of Non-GMO and Non-Animal Soy Peptone (proven to assist in the growth of fastidious organisms) have full traceability and compliance documentation. Available in Kilo to multi-tonne sizes from the same batch (our maximum batch size is 11 tonnes).